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Stephanie is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor with over a decade of experience. Her gypsy soul has landed her on the coast of Ecuador where she leads private retreats from September through December at Samai Ocean Spa and Eco Lodge.

She doesn’t simply teach “yoga”. She holds space for personalized growth while guiding her students into a place of self empowerment where they learn to heal themselves, which always begins from the inside. She meets her students where they are, from beginners to experienced yogis seeking to learn more advanced asana postures and techniques.

Her classes are more than a physical practice; she teaches holistically with a healing intent teaching her students useful concepts such as how to work with our energetic body (the Chakras) and practical techniques to help us remain grounded and centered in our everyday lives. She blends physical postures with other healing modalities such a self-reiki, breathwork, meditation, positive affirmations, and more addressing all levels of being.

A lifelong student herself, she has recently completed her 500 hour level certification in Rishikesh, India.

In addition to yoga, Stephanie is passionate about writing. She focuses on similar ideas around spiritual exploration and personal growth, expressing herself through thoughtful articles and poetry. Check out her blog at


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