Stephen Beitler

Menifee, CA
United States

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Founder of I teach donation based classes around LA.
At the age of 13 Stephen was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. After a year of western medicine, taking every pill known to supposedly "help", and then years of searching for a way to balance an unbalanced mind, he stumbled onto a yoga class. Since then he has gone deeply into the work of finding balance through yoga. At 24 he realized he didn’t like the man he had become. He retreated from the world and became a recluse for 2 years, going deep into his yoga practice and studying the yogic writings, particularly swami Vishnudevananda. While practicing for these two years he would find himself teaching in his mind, always pushing the thoughts away for fear of it being his ego. Finally, he realized how much yoga had changed his life. He was not on any sort of chemical for his 'disorder' and was more balanced of mind than he thought was attainable. He knew that he must attempt to bring this gift of yoga to as many others as he could. Upon re-introducing himself into the world he went back to his first yoga teacher, who as it turns out, was of the Vishnudevananda lineage.

Coming from the Sivananda tradition, after completing his training, Stephen was given the title Yoga Siromani, meaning Crown Jewel of Yoga. He continues to this day to bring the healing gift of yoga to as many people as he can.


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