Stephen (Stevie G.) George

Detroit, MI
United States

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Stevie G (Stephen Michael George) E-RYT, Kundalini Certified

I started practicing yoga in the mid 1970’s. There were no yoga studios back then…just a small group (mostly me), studying meditation and Kundalini Yoga. Since then I have been through two Yoga Alliance Hatha teacher trainings and studies in Yin, Therapeutic and Tai Chi yogas. I am also very proud to be certified as a light leader in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation through the Sundara Institute in Encinitas, CA. and a Kundalini Reseach Insititute accredited Kundalini Teacher as Taught by Yopgi Bhajan.

However, all this means nothing unless we are willing to grasp the essence of our practice by allowing our Yoga to be the light in our life that empowers us to look within and find our true identity (our Sat Nam). Yoga is all about experience, all about living our dreams. Every yoga class should take us to a place we have never been, a higher place, closer to our source and touching the fingertips of our Creation.

I look forward to sharing the Art and Science of Yoga with you.

Week of November 29TH

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