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The primary focus in my clinic is to help you to relieve pain, relax, focus, and find your power. If you are experiencing pain, stress, feeling tired, not sleeping well, these and other symptoms may be caused by a problem with your posture. I have developed my own system to help you achieve classic neutral posture.

Many people needlessly suffer pain and dysfunction from a lack of awareness of neutral posture, and people also suffer from events that happen to the body when they are in static positions too long away from neutral posture. Injuries can also cause imbalances.

Alignment with classic neutral posture can bring about balance, freedom of movement, relief from pain, and you can be handling gravity as your body is designed to handle it.

40 years experience in yoga, 7 years experience in massage therapy. Call me today! (503) 724-2755

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Yoga Sessions

Intro to Yoga

Raja Yoga
Supreme Wellness, Power of Performance

High Energy, High Awareness, Prosperity
Form, Fitness, Classic Neutral Posture
Raja Yoga will help you
• improve and regulate all systems of the body/mind/spirit
• regulate weight, shape body, and tone muscles
• achieve glowing health, quality of life, longevity
• elevate athletic performance to the highest level
• gain and maintain high strength, flexibility, power
• achieve and maintain high intelligence, awareness
• improve sleep, breathing, and energy
• realize your unique potential and purpose in life

What to expect for your first appointment for a private yoga session
• arrive 15 minutes early to fill out Client Intake form with medical history. Read our Studio Policy, sign and date.
• plan to spend up to 30 minutes for the thorough intake interview.
• it is best not to eat 2 to 3 hours before the session.
• you should be dressed in clothing appropriate for yoga.
• during the first session, we will discover what is needed for you.
• all sessions are designed to help you with your posture.

Supreme Ultimate Fist (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) is integrated into the session, along with dance and posture.

• a structured program for you will be designed and planned.
• after your yoga session, drink plenty of pure water to flush out toxins.
• plan to have some time to relax. Namaste!

Structure of Raja Yoga
The full 8 – limbed path of Raja Yoga is an integrated program designed to help you with Posture Awareness.

Integrated Yoga and Massage Sessions.

Many clients have discovered the benefit of integrating Yoga and Massage Therapy into one session.

What we do is start the session with Yoga, then the second part of the session is Massage Therapy.

The Yoga session will reveal restrictions in movement that can then be addressed with Massage Therapy. A minimum of 90 minutes is the recommended time for the integrated session. We can work with less time or more, but two hours is about right for most people. Often, we will do 90 minutes of Yoga, then 30 minutes of focused Massage Therapy to address specific problem areas.

The primary focus is to free the body so Classic Neutral Posture can be attained.


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