Steve Peck

Spokane, WA
United States

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I would like to help Veterans, and their families, and older people improve their lives through Yoga; as Yoga has improved life for me.

I started my practice in 2002 at Fairchild Air Force Base, WA as a student of then Kelly, now Arya, Pretlow while she was working on her certification. I had just retired from Active Duty, but has employed as Air Force Civil Service. Arya taught us Iyengar style Yoga after work at the Base Fitness Center until she ended her tour and moved to Seattle, WA.

I had difficulty finding time to continue my practice while I was employed but eventually in 2006, I discovered South Perry Yoga, Spokane, WA. And, there were sometimes classes at Fairchild AFB when instructors were available. Fairchild had several exceptional instructors at over 14 years; but often there were no classes for many months at a time.

I considered myself a devoted student, but nowhere near able to teach. But, gradually I found myself sharing what I'd learned with classmates, and teachers as well. Eventually, my classmates and teachers began to encourage me to become a teacher. despite my full time job and commitments.

I made a habit of visiting different studios when the opportunity allowed it; and I attended several classes at Harmony Yoga, Spokane. This is the oldest studio in town; and where most of the local teachers were trained because the quality of the Yoga found there.

When my retirement plans became a reality: in 2017; I decided to pursue Yoga Teacher training at Harmony; I completed training in July 2018 with the intent to share Yoga with those who needed it.


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