Stevie Ray

Rishikesh Uttarakhand
Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Honest and open

What impresses me most about Stevie is how open and honest he is about Yoga, and in particular Asana, both from his personal practice as well as how it is practiced and conducted by others. He shared his experiences of how he has developed over time to arrive at the point where he is now, which is at times critical of the way some things are done.


He believes strongly in teaching and practicing what is beneficial in the long-term, rather than trying to boost one's ego and causing damage to oneself.
He's also critical of commercial, led-style classes where students and teachers don't have a deep understanding of each other and the goals each is aiming for within the class environment.
He uses a range of adjustments, starting from general and then individual verbal cues before progressing to physical adjustments, where his aim is not simply to put one in the correct posture but rather enable one to understand how to get there by oneself.
For this reason, he likes to workshop and explain clearly various postures to build an understanding in his students before placing them in a position to do things wrongly and injure themselves.
Despite possessing these strong opinions, Stevie is also very open to discussion and is friendly and fun with a great sense of humour. Combined with his experience and deep knowledge, this makes him an ideal teacher, and I am grateful to have had him as a primary instructor during my TTC, where he delivered lectures, workshops and Asana classes.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A great, helpful and memorable experience studying with him

I feel very lucky to have studied with Stevie for both, my 200hr TTC and 60hr Post-graduate course. His tips and suggestions have helped me a great deal to improve my personal understanding of asanas and the way I teach them. His ideas of sequencing have helped me make my classes much more fluid and anatomically correct.


He creates an entirely different space in both his lectures and led classes. The energy and willingness to share his knowledge he puts into his class is commendable. He very subtly simplifies complex concepts, may it be on spirituality, yoga or even life, and tries his level best on giving a clearer view about things. I wholeheartedly recommend studing with him or even attending his classes. He is a true friend and guru both on and off the mat.

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Truly experienced teacher n wonderful personality

I met Stevie year ago at my TTC in Rishikesh. He changed all my views about yoga knowledge and brought lots of benefits in understanding myself in physical n mental meaning. My yoga practice totally changed after that. He is really attentive in explanation which are based on biomechanics and anatomy. By his demonstration all wrong and right moves you realise your body fully n deep. Stevie always will answer on your questions, give suggestions and fix you in asanas. Also he is really open minded person n you will feel yourself free n comfortable with him as with a good friend you knew for long time.
Really recommend to join his classes, workshops or courses. It's a big experience and luck to get knowledge from him
ThanQ Stevie! Stay cool!)

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Stevie is amazing teacher. I was lucky to meet him and had yoga course with him. At the classes he is strictly and demanding, but at the same time smiley and funny. Stevie has very strong energy and in his classes he shares it with his students.
For me to learn from him was great experience. He became an example for me and at the end of the my course I said him that I want to become a yoga teacher like him. Thank you my teacher for everything you taught me! Hari OM :)

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Great teacher!

I am glad I had Stevie Ray as one of my YTT course teachers. He has a youthful, professional and honest attitude towards students, you can feel free to ask him questions and discuss various matters - all that means a lot when you are preparing to become a teacher yourself. Stevie tought me to question the worth of certain asanas, to select what is actually useful for human body, and what is just a beautiful 'trick'.


I think that is a rare thing to find in yoga schools as often teachers are a bit affraid to show critical thinking towards yoga practices. But in reality, when we work with all sorts of people and cary responsibility to teach them right, we need to be aware of both, the good, and the 'not so usefull', and that is why I recomend Stevie as a yoga teacher - for generously sharing his knowledge with honesty.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fantastic yoga teacher!

Stevie has been a great yoga teacher for me. He has an incredible amount of experience not only in the movements and health of the body in yoga but many other aspects as well and integrates his knowledge perfectly for the improvement and safety of his students. I learnt a lot from Stevie and am very grateful for his help in improving my practice and deepening my connection with myself and my yoga practise.


After experiencing yoga with Stevie I now ask myself why I am doing yoga and what I want to achieve in my practise, rather than just focusing on performing cool and impressive asanas I have taken my body back to the basics and now understand how to do yoga PROPERLY! I believe Stevie has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to offer as a yoga teacher and am enthusiastic to continue learning from him!