Su Sareen

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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Su Sareen has been practising and teaching a gentle yet powerful Scaravelli-inspired, breath-centred approach to yoga for over 35 years.

Su is running Zoom classes and will offer a free trial week for anyone introduced through this site.
Please contact her by email at susareenyoga ().

Su was in her early 30’s and had just started teaching yoga when she first set eyes on Vanda Scaravelli. Vanda was in her early 80’s by then and had a noticeable scoliosis. Yet she strolled casually into the room and sat easily on the floor. Su was deeply impressed and realised that that was what she hoped to get out of yoga. Not to touch nose to knee, but to be comfortable in her body in her 80’s.

Su spent her commercial life as an Advertising Art Director learning how to communicate in an accurate, clear and interesting way. As a visual thinker, both her books and her teaching are full of visual ideas and metaphors.
She has written two books and was a regular columnist for Yoga & Health magazine for many years.


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