Sueann Rochester

United Kingdom

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Sueann started practicing yoga at University and due to lots of traveling with her job she practiced on and off for years. After having her two little girls she decided to refocus her work life and train as a yoga teacher. She signed up to train with her teacher Karen Kirkness (Avid Yogi) at Meadowlark Yoga in Edinburgh in 2015 and has never looked back.
She continues to train and assist the Mysore team at Meadowlark one day a week. The 4am wake-up call is hard but it allows her to work alongside her dedicated and focused teachers, Sarah Hatcher, Karen Kirkness and Emma Isokivi.
All of the knowledge gathering is now being shared with her students in Dunfermline. She currently teaches all of her classes at Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline and has a range of classes for all abilities.
Sueann is dedicated to her practice and her students and continues to keep training as often as she can. She loves yoga and wants to share it with as many people as possible!


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