Suhan Badalamenti


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Through yoga, Suhan experienced a personal transformation by achieving more consciousness, living the present and being “aware”. She likes to share how her own practice has brought her a continual and impermanent growth that has allowed her to unify spirit, heart, mind and body. While practicing asana Suhan’s body and spirit are better prepared for deeper meditations and to achieve greater connection with her true being. As she learned to reach a state of peace and calmness through yoga, her wish is to help more people and has show this path of healing, compassion, acceptance, surrendering and Universal love to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Suhan started her practice ten years ago, but it was five years later that she engaged more in the practice and got certified as a Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor by renowned Miami Yoga Teacher Paul Toliuszis at Green Monkey Miami Beach.

Week of August 3TH

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