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Summer Dien is an internationally known yoga teacher of pranayama and ashtanga. Summer completed her training in 2013 with Paul Dallaghan. She worked at Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand for two years, where she taught pranayama, mysore/ashtanga, restorative, and guided meditation. Summer continues to study extensively with her teachers Sri OP Tiwariji and Paul Dallaghan in the areas of pranayama and asana.
 She is trained in the classical pranayama practices of the Khaivalyadham lineage and in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system.
 Summer has a liberal, non-dogmatic approach and believes in using the body in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. While non-traditional in some ways, she adheres to the general principles of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. She advocates modifying the poses to suit the student’s current needs and abilities.

Summer is committed to the path of yoga and dedicates her life fully to supporting and uplifting others by passing on the ancient yogic practices of asana and pranayama.

Within the past couple years, she has taught classes, given workshops and retreats in Bali, Singapore, Maldives, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Morocco and Belgium. Summer is very excited to serve the yoga community in Frankfurt again and share her knowledge and experience.

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Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

48 Reviews

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Flexibility with Summer ??‍♀️

I had an amazing learning experience with Summer over the last few months. She is a gifted hands-on instructor who helped me unlock my potential. Sessions with her were enjoyable, technically challenging and very fruitful. I would recommend her to anyone from beginners starting to explore the joys of Yoga or veterans hoping to take it to the next level.

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Summer is back!

So happy to have Summer back at the Nordic club! She is an awesome teacher!! My body always feels great after Summer's yoga class.

Summer DienMay 31, 2017
Thank you!

Thank you, Laura, for the kind word. It is both a pleasure and an honor to guide your practice. I hope to continue to do so, whether you're here in Bangladesh or Nepal.

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Best teacher

I had the chance to attend some private lessons with Summer and even as an absolute beginner student she made me feel comfortable from the first moment. Summer spreads a lot of positive energy and was incredibly patient with me. Her natural and warm-hearted personality made me enjoy every session. I definitely recommend a class with Summer.

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One to one yoga

Summer did some one to one Mysore Ashtanga yoga with me. She is very committed to the whole approach, pranayama, clean diet, meditation as well as the asana. She also makes some awesome juices and vegan desserts.

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I met Summer in Ubud, now i follow her...

I hope ones i met Summer classes again in some where in the world. The classes and energy are perfect for me. She is sweet but also hard... i like her way to teaching and as person..she is very yogui, she is great !

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Naturally born to be a yoga teacher :)

Genuine, talented and honest within herself and teachings as a teacher. very knowlegeable with postures and alignment and encouraging students in good amounts during their practise.summer was part of the teacher training team I did my certification on and her guidance really stood out. She was always willing to help in any way and always gave us tips to deepen our practise physically and educationally and spiritually. I felt I learnt a lot from her too :)

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Amazing teacher!!

The time I spent working with Summer benefitted my practice hugely. She explained each adjustment which meant I learnt more from just having my body manipulated. She is very strong, but also I felt incredibly safe in her hands. Summer is so approachable, any questions I had, whether asana focused or otherwise, I felt completely comfortable asking her; she had time for everyone. It was a privilege to spend time and learn from her; thank you so much.

Summer DienSeptember 14, 2015
Thank you!

It was such a pleasure to get to know you, Grace. You are your namesake. I love your positive outlook and warm heart. Stay sweet and keep growing in your practice in as many ways as possible. I just know you will be a wonderful teacher and a dedicated practitioner. Lots of love! xxx

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Talented and Inspiring Teacher

I first met Summer at Samahita Retreat a couple of years ago and again when I've returned every year since. She is a talented teacher - passionate, dedicated and committed. Her energy and zest for life shine through in her practice and teachings. She’s encouraging, has confidence in one’s abilities and helpful in her adjustments. She’s observant and challenges you to go further where necessary and gently pulls you back when it’s enough.


She also has a quiet and powerful way of guiding into meditation through her unique tone of voice – I still remember my very first practice with her two years ago. Her sensitivity, sincerity, enthusiasm and curiosity for life is very apparent. It’s been a pleasure to get to know Summer and watch her grow and develop. She has so much to offer as a teacher and I wish her well on her journey.

Summer DienJuly 22, 2015
Thank you, Karen!

Dear Karen, Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad we met and that I've been able to guide you in your practice. It's been a joy to see how you've grown and developed. Keep practicing and enjoy it! Lots of love! xxx

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Yoga in the heart

I met Summer first time in Bali practicing together with her at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center with Prem and Radha where I was already impressed by her devotion and commitment on the yoga path back in 2013. I was so happy to meet her again at samahita retreat for my 200 hrs teacher training. I love summers adjusting, the way she works with the body, encourages and enables to go one step further without pushing or forcing. It´s that gentle but strong support that inspires me and I hope to meet her soon somewhere on the yoga trail. By the way: her raw apple crumble is just beautiful!

Summer DienJune 14, 2015
Thank you!

I'm so glad that our paths keep crossing. It's been a real delight to meet Carina and get to know her practice and who she is as a person. I'm honored to be able to guide her in her practice. Thank you for your kind words, Carina! xx

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wonderful teacher

"I have practiced Mysore style and led Ashtanga classes and pranayama with Summer at Samahita retreat in Koh Samui for the past 8 months. She is a wonderful teacher who knows how to motivate students, but also does not push too hard. Her bright smile and energy make her classes a very pleasant experience as well. I highly recommend her as a teacher."

Summer DienJune 8, 2015

It has been a real treat to work with Dr. Jaa in the Mysore room. Over the past couple of months, I've seen her grow stronger and more confident. She is doing great and her practice is really blossoming. I'm honored and proud to work with you! xx

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Inspirational teacher

My friend and colleague Summer is a great & artistic yogini. She is a devote practitioner and that makes it's teachings to be so real. Her positive and friendly attitude will make you give the best of yourself. I find fresh energy and inspiration on her classes of yoga & meditation. I highly recommend to practice with her if you have that opportunity.

Summer DienJune 8, 2015
Thank you!

Thank you, Manu, for your kind words. It is a pleasure to know and work with you. I am very excited for what the future holds for us both. Love and blessings! xx

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Great teacher, Great smile, Its infectious :)

So, Sumer is a great teacher in the Mysore environment (the only type of class i think i did with here on Samui). She is always keeping an eye on what your doing and willing to spend time with you to progress your practise, and will follow up with areas of adjustment in later classes.
Detail oriented which is good as a lot of "mistakes" can slip by in this type of practice, and these small tweaks are actually the parts of your practice that require the most effort to get in there and smooth out.
Bright and Bubbly and loves what she does, a good teacher to spend some time with.

Summer DienJune 8, 2015

Phil already has an amazing asana practice. Most of the obstacles and barriers exist in his mind, like for most of us. It was really great to work with him so closely for an extended period of time. I can tell he will go on to be a wonderful teacher himself. Thanks, Phil! And until we meet again! xx

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

Summer is a great yoga teacher! Her method of teaching is good and beneficial for beginners as well as for the experienced. She does a great Job in explaining and demonstrating the postures in the right way, e.g. so that you can´t hurt yourself or harm your health in any other way. Me personally I learned a lot about that during her classes. Also she provides a good mixture of the physical part and the spiritual part in yoga.


I enjoyed Summer´s classes especially for the enthusiasm she is spreading :-), seeing her doing her work with such a big commitment and love to it encourages oneself to do more on his/her own, too. Summer´s classes are challenging just in the right way, that´s what I love about them. I wish Summer lots of success for the future and lots of opportunities to develop further. As she is still Young and has a part of her way yet to go, I´d give her 4 stars - but I´m sure if she continues to practise like she does right now, she´ll get the 5th star in some years :-). I simply love her !

Summer DienJune 8, 2015
Enthusiastic and curious student

It was such a pleasure to work with Marleen. She's always full of questions and wants to learn more. I love her eagerness to learn and hungry appetite. Thank you for your kind words! See you again soon!

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It can be hard to say what exactly constitutes a good yoga teacher, I think it is very individual to begin with, however I really enjoyed Summer's classes for three main reasons: 1) her warm aura and energy that you absorb when entering the shala, I got really inspired, 2) her voice. It is deep and pleasant to listen to (I love low voices), 3) her playfulness and humor in combination with profound knowledge about the body and different postures.

Summer DienMarch 11, 2015
Thank you, Mia!

Mia came to Samahita for a detox and stayed on afterwards to get dive into her Mysore self-practice. It was such a pleasure to meet her and work with her. She is a wonderful student and I'm so honored I could guide her on her yoga journey. See you again soon, Mia! All the best! xx

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Amazing Beautiful Spirit

Summer is an amazing teacher, when I met her I was new to my yoga journey and she guided through practice and great wisdom. She is hands on, welcoming and a light of wisdom.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames”
― Rumi

Summer DienMarch 3, 2015
Thank you

From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to Benita for all the love and support she has given me. She was with me from the very beginning, when I was just starting out. Bless her for her patience and understanding with me as a new teacher. She has a beautiful heart and she is passionate about creating positive change in the world. Through the practice, she will become a wonderful teacher, not just of yoga, but of life. She is thoroughly inspiring and I wish her oceans of love and light! Thank you again! xx