Summer Huntington

Bellingham, WA
United States
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Summer is a Head CST Coach at RMAX International. In 2011, she co-created Clubbell Yoga with the blessing of her long time coach Scott Sonnon. Her primary objective is to help bridge the gap between strength training and yoga by infusing weighted Clubbells into traditional vinyasa classes.
She holds an undergraduate and masters degree in Kinesiology: Human Movement & Performance, teaches as an adjunct professor at a local University and is an experienced yoga teacher. She has been a personal trainer for her entire professional career, and now teaches this fusion at seminars around the country and the globe.

A natural leader, she practices and teaches Clubbell Yoga with an emphasis on alignment, thoughtful sequencing and cultivating a soothing meditation through movement, despite the 'kickback' that she received initially from the yoga community. Her joint-mobility, Prasara yoga and FlowFit background allow her to help students to unlock bound areas and allows for training of the nervous system.