Sunny McGill

Koh Phangan Surat Thani

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Sunny’s originally from Thailand but had moved to Canada in the year of 2000. She studied, lived and worked there for 11 years. Her yoga passion started in 2008 when she went for her first yoga session in Winnipeg. The first thought she had right after the session finished was “Wow, I want be a yoga teacher. I know I can do this!”.

During the time when she was living in Winnipeg (where the freezing cold is!) she worked in palliative care at a hospital. For many, this job is an eye opener including Sunny's. She realized she should live and enjoy things she really loves and have passion about before the end of her life. After a year of working at the hospital she decided to moved back to Thailand with her family and start pursuing yoga career soon after.

​Sunny received her 200 hour yoga teacher certificate from yoga school in India. She was trained in Sivanda. She started her teaching career in Bangkok area at a fitness then taught at yoga teacher training in India. After back to Thailand she decided to moved to Koh Phangan, Thailand to start building her own yoga business in 2012.


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