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If you think you can't do yoga because of certain limitations, or you don't see yourself doing the kind of acrobatics you see in the media, please think again. There is a lot more to yoga and also a lot less than those glamorous publicity shots of youthful gorgeous babe and guy bodies

Yoga brings enormous benefits to elders, people with joint an muscle pain and those who are carrying extra weight.

It's my mission to help you embrace yoga in your own way.

You may not know that beginning with minimal yoga movements, you can experience significant improvement in your well-being, flexibility, mobility and ability to relax.

I want to know your story so I can help you in a very unique and personalised way.

We all have a story of how we got where we are. Yours might be increased stress and responsibilities, the loss of a loved one, lifestyle changes, illness, all of which may have led to comfort eating or an increasing belief that you are lumbered with your ailments.

Of course yoga is not a cure, but it is like a warm soft duvet that can envelop you and offer relief from stress and pain.

I am 65 and have had an on off love affair with yoga since my 30's. In 2012 I underwent some traumatic upheaval in my life, losing everything, and finding myself looking after parents with dementia and cancer. I was 2.5 stone heavier than I am now, arthritis was knocking at my door, I was depressed and my stress level was through the roof.

Returning to yoga after four years virtual abstinence [living on a homestead in rural Georgia doing a lot of physical outdoor work, in the last five years I have regained my natural vibrancy, shed weight and considerably reduced my joint pain. And I have regained a sense of spiritual peace and know how to dissipate stress rapidly.

My story is not your story but I promise you that whatever you suffer with, yoga can help.

I invite you to contact me and tell me your story and together we can work out how best to get you started on a path to more well-being, bliss, relaxation and ease.

I had a successful life coaching practice in London for 15 years and have been trained in hypnotherapy and bodywork. So I combine my yoga teaching with coaching, helping you to find your yoga path. And I love to work with individuals to craft a blend of yoga that works for you.

Yes, I am new to yoga teaching, but I have a wealth of teaching, facilitation and coaching therapy experience as well as a long history of yoga practice over 30 years.

I have been running a weekly class for elders for 5 months, all of whom return regularly for their dose of yoga sunny-style. They come to relax, to ease their pain, to feel better about themselves and to enjoy the camaraderie of a regular small class.

I am also working with two private clients every week. One, a male in his early fifties, who following a serious family trauma, had recently taken up weight training, running, cardio work, changed his diet and lifestyle but was still feeling a missing link.

It was Yoga. He came to me to improve flexibility and both he and his personal trainer have noticed a significant improvement.

The other client a couple in their 50's he with a stressful job and she somewhat overweight and stressed, wanted relaxation. So the yoga I do with them is unique, heavily focused on the meditative and breathwork with some light movement for joint mobility.

Whatever you need, whatever your current situation, I can adapt yoga to suit you using props, slow slow yoga and even chairs for those who are semi immobile.

I started my own yoga practice 30 years ago at the Sivananda Centre in Putney, London. They are a spiritually based group who live a complete yogic lifestyle. It was probably the best beginning I could have asked for.

I have done yoga in gyms, and yoga in many other countries. My teachers have specialised in Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, many of whom had been teaching for 20 years or more when I met them.

I have my own yoga practice where I do mainly yin yoga and some strength work.

Yin Yoga works at a deep level on the connective tissues, with poses being held for longer periods of time, using as many props as necessary to ensure comfort whist experiencing sometimes intense stretches. It takes you deep into your body and stills the mind like no other active yoga practice.

In January I am taking a formal Yin Yoga teacher training course because I sense that in these busy times more people are looking for peace and a counterpart to any heavy duty exercise they may be doing. Yin Yoga offers that in truckloads.

My classes and private clients receive a unique blend of regular hatha yoga,

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