Surya Angelique Shofar

North Bethesda, MD
United States

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I AM a Kripalu trained YT and certified prenatal yoga teacher and passionate lifetime dancer healer. I’ve taught yoga locally and internationally for over 21 years. My daily yoga practice is a way of life -on and off the mat. After studying the movements and cycles of nature and the planets, my practice began to reveal those rhythms in my body, life, environment and all my relations. Dance is my first love so I infuse both dance & yoga that honors stillness and movement.

YOLA - The Yoga of Living is a form of naked yoga that peels off the old, superficial layers of the mind, body & soul while guiding you into your divine center and core truth. Emotional behaviors like shame, guilt & blame are unnatural and acquired life responses. In imitating nature (Feng Shui) you will find that those unnatural behaviors are not a part of the Earth’s make up nor its natural expression. This is why it gets trapped on the human cellular level.

Healing touch, environmental wellness, the 5 elements, breathwork, creative visualization, mantras, evolutionary Intuitive astrology, meditation, shadow integration are some keywords for YOLA.

I currently offer Healing & Therapeutic Companionship for truth seekers and individuals who are on a more serious and advanced path. No beginners. Only those well advanced in their spiritual path. An assessment is given to determine your level.

The work I offer is neither glamorous, externally focused nor commercially driven. I hold a space for deep work with healers, therapists and those who are ready to own their spark or gift. I am here to help you refine and upgrade your life skills, move beyond the Self into a universal larger context that aligns with the birthing of a new paradigm.


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