Surya Joke De Keukelaere

Puebla PUE
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I began practicing yoga after a long search to find a way to deal with life's daily stresses which caused me a lot of tension in body and mind. Initially delving into Hatha Yoga in an institute in Belgium, I sensed that yoga had a lot to offer me. Yoga is a complete form of movement, not only of the body, but of the mind and the spirit. Yoga goes beyond the physical and transcends into a person's spirit. Pranayama, meditation, and asanas touch a persons mind and spirit, and leads them to a more focused and centered life. Yoga brings more awareness, flexibility and balance into every area of your life.

After vacationing in Mexico, I decided to take a position working in a yoga center in beautiful colonial Puebla. My favorite styles of yoga are vinyasa, hatha, yin-yoga, nidra yoga, different forms of pranayama and guided meditation. I devoted my life to the practice of yoga and share my passion with other people. I'm registered by Yoga Alliance, after completing my Yoga Teacher Training in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is when I got my spiritual name:
I have also followed a course in energy medicine and energy psychology, taught by masters Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

Every day, more and more, the spirit of yoga is part of my life. My certification by Yoga Alliance and my course in energy medicine have given me a lot of knowledge about anatomy and physiology, which I incorporate in my practice and yoga classes.
I'm looking forward to sharing my passion with you!


Average: 4.5 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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