Susan Gingell

Saskatoon, SK

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My 200-hour teacher-training was co-led by Patricia Dewar of Saskatoon and Mary-Lou Weprin of the Yoga Room in Berkeley and included multiple workshops by Lynn Minton, Gay White, and Father Joe Pereira. Sharie Ryon of Saskatoon has also been an important teacher for me, and I have taken classes for extended periods with British Columbia teachers at the Victoria Yoga Centre, Louie Ettling and Swann in Vancouver, and Dennis Newhook in Calgary. Until 2014, I taught mostly in the recreation program at the University of Saskatchewan, which I continue to do, but now teach also at my small home studio, Serenity Space Yoga, in Saskatoon. A workshop on the pelvic floor with PhysioYoga teacher Shelly Prosko sent me on a journey of discovery about the pelvic floor, and I have also incorporated and modified work by Eric Franklin from PELVIC POWER into my teaching of both classes and private lessons.


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