Susan Laskoff

Redondo Beach, CA, CA
United States

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I discovered yoga 20 years ago while hiking in the Himalayas. I knew instantly that yoga was going to become a part of my life. Having done acrobatics as a child, the physical practice of yoga came naturally to me, however, it was the collateral benefits that resonated with me. Yoga taught me how to calm my mind and my racing heart with my breath, and I really utilized this skill while working as a Public Defender.

Over the years, I studied many different styles of yoga and believe my breadth of knowledge is evident in my teaching. I am Yoga Alliance Certified and in addition have trained in and taught children’s yoga. I enjoy teaching Harmony Deep Flow classes, a slower paced class which focuses on proper alignment while matching breath with movement.

My husband and I have been together for 25 years and have two children. I dedicate countless hours to the PTSA at my children’s middle school where I serve as President. I do pro bono legal work with at risk youth as well as assist Najla Barile with the Harmony Yoga Teacher Training program and write the Harmony Yoga Blog. I enjoy painting, walking my dog, and playing tennis with my family.


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