Susan Morton

Montclair, NJ
United States

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I am a yoga therapist, meditation teacher, and Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner. I am the founder of the Yoga and Meditation Center of Montclair () and have been teaching for 37 years.

The purpose of my work is to empower people to care for themselves in very specific ways. My intention is that clients will gain a deeper understanding of connections in their own bodies and of the powerful mind/body connection.

I use modalities that complement each other, like yoga and Yamuna® Body Rolling, and relaxation and meditation techniques for stress management and spiritual development For each client I create a unified plan, working with aligning, stretching, and strengthening the body, and making it as functional as possible. Often, a client finds that deep relaxation and meditation add a deeper dimension in terms of releasing long-held tensions in the body whether from repetitive stress to the joints, bones, and muscles, chronic muscular contractions, postural distortions - or from conditioned, habitual ways of thinking. We proceed at a pace that works for you. After completing a session, you will receive via email, a summary of what we did with specific instructions for integrating the practice into your life.


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