Susan Oliver

Johnson City, TN
United States

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Susan began doing yoga, as many do, for flexibility and strength over 20 years ago. And, like many, was happily amazed at the transformation yoga brought to her life on all levels. While her greatest joy is her four children: Olivia, Harrison, and twins Erin and Graham, her passion for teaching and sharing the joy that is yoga lead her to make her passion her career when her children reached school age. She also teaches Pilates and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Susan's approach to teaching and to yoga in general is that yoga meets every individual where they are in life and only seeks to serve their higher good. Flexible hamstrings come and go, but a breath centered mind-body-spirit connection has the ability to totally transform us, on and off the mat. Her hope is to empower her clients with the skills to achieve their goals; and she bases her life on a principle known as Metta, or loving kindness. While comfortable teaching almost all styles of yoga, her favorite is a slow flow mindful yinyasa that combines the beauty of breath-led movement in a slow vinyasa yoga with the serenity of stillness that is yin yoga.


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