Susan Pryor

Whangarei --
New Zealand

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I was a yogi from way back learning organically from the best first teacher - my mum!

I teach a Hatha Yoga style in the tradition of Krishnamacharya ... it is very gentle, yet extremely powerful and the main focus is in opening the student to their inner guru ... so all classes are founded on the yama of Ahimsa (non-violence) and 'Your Yoga For You!'

I edit a magazine called New Zealand Yoga Scene which gives me a lot of exposure to the various yogi and their teachings throughout NZ, and others from abroad who bring their yoga to NZ.

I write and currently have a book 'Musings on a Guru' available and a soon to be released book 'The Yoga of Nisaga'

My practice is holistic and is a therapy which is offered as a class or privately and can include other modalities.

For teachers wishing to gain CEP with YA I am registered to provide this and currently offer two courses available at any time.

I live with my cats, my calves, my plants and bee hive and my best friend in rural NZ - in harmony with Mother Earth, the natural environment and like to hug Mother Earth and her children as often as I I love hiking, art, music, dance ... animals .... plants ..... family ........ life



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