Susan (Satya) Staziker

United Kingdom

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Since discovering Iyengar yoga in my 20's I have been influenced by a number of different schools of yoga including Swami Sivananda (Rishikesh) and Swami Yogananda (Ananda Yoga).
I have also studied with a number of Scaravelli inspired yoga teachers and regular attendance at yoga workshops throughout my teaching career has enabled me to develop a multi faceted teaching style.
Classes typically include postures, breathing techniques, psychology and philosophy of Yoga, affirmation , relaxation and meditation.

I have run workshops and retreats including mantra, sounding, mandala, meditation, affirmation and movement and led Creative Chakra Connections workshops for 9 years.

Currently developing courses in Art, Creativity and Consciousness after qualifying as a facilitator at the Awakening Arts academy , Assisi,
I would love to share my passion for uncovering your unique creativity and become a part of your transformational journey through Yoga.
Be assured when you take the first, or next step on your Yoga journey, you will be welcomed into a caring, compassionate and creative environment. Your journey starts now, from where you are, not from where you think you would like to be.


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