Susan Wanmer

Brisbane QLD

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If you want safe and effective If you would like to start, but don't know whether you should, you could, or where to begin, I understand! If you are a man who wonders how to do yoga, but feel daunted by so many women teachers, I get it. Most of my clients are busy professionals who want the practical, precise and safe answers they are used to in their working life. I train yoga asanas [poses], stress management, and relaxation or meditation skills that fit in with your life. Many of my clients are men and the feedback is that they love the grounded and practical approach my experience brings. I really appreciate their feedback. Over 25 years of teaching bodies to move for health benefits has contributed to a big database of 'what to do '. I have trained professional and elite sports with yoga. A long time ago I created the Original Yoga BootCamps, I developed Aqua Yoga, and hosted the Inaugural Official International Day of Yoga for Australia for the United Nations Day. I'd love to introduce, improve, train you in yoga if you are looking for someone who really cares about every cell of your being!


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