Susanne Calman

Melbourne VIC

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My mother was one of the first students of Yoga in Australia and I have been in a weekly yoga class since the age of 3!
In fact Mum was in headstand when the nurses came to take her into the delivery suite!
I have been teaching for over 27 years and for 18 years owned a busy yoga centre and then one day I just knew it was time to hang up the tights!
I sold my centre + gave away all my classes and stopped teaching weekly classes. On a sunny day I was inspired to take my mat to the botanical gardens and teaching in nature restored my passion + inspiration for yoga and the gifts it brings.
I facilitate 1/2 day, weekend + week retreats for women and am a Master Healer. The yoga I teach has healing as it's foundation and each class includes reiki, inspirational cards, aromatherapy, flower essences, wisdom + laughter!
Sometimes you just need to step away to re-discover your passion!


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