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Susanne is a certified Yoga teacher with more than 900 hrs experience of qualified Teacher Trainings, Workshops and Intensives in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga (YOGAMAZÉ, Anusara, Ashtanga). Since 2013 she is travelling to Los Angeles, California, a couple of times per year to study with her American teachers Noah Mazé, Annie Carpenter, Vinnie Marino, Brock and Krista Cahill, Vytas Baskauskas, Caley Joyner, and more.
Yoga is meditation in motion. Practicing postures moves the mind into an even state and the body into health. By focusing on the rhythm of the breath and on alignment, we begin to cease the fluctuations of the mind. Precise alignment in a pose is a form of meditation. To be consciously aware of exactly what is happening in the body keeps one present
The physical benefits from the yoga include strength, flexibility, increased circulation and stress reduction. Releasing stress through postures and breathing brings vitality and well-being. Coming into health makes the body a fit vehicle for the spirit

GingerYoga is Susanne’s strong version of Power Vinyasa flow. Her classes are strong and knowledgeable, linking breath and movement through a intelligent sequence of sun salutations and postures. The continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, the alignment focus allows you find the optimal blue print of the pose for your body. Your personal edges are being shifted physically and mentally.

Susanne's second passion besinde yoga is Fitness, Pilates and Barre. She teaches PowerYoga, Barre and Yoga Barre classes in Munich


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