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Luang Prabang
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Building on my 15 year practice of Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, I completed my yoga teacher training at Sivananda Yoga Academy in Kerala, India and have since gone on to teach in India, Australia, Thailand and Laos.

Inspired by my meditation practice the power of the breath forms the foundation of all my classes; each session begins with a Mindfulness of Breathing exercise, set to calm the mind and build a connection with the body, and is followed by a series of flowing asanas led by the flow of breath.

Drawing on my experience with a variety of yoga styles and therapies I enjoy tailoring my private classes for those looking for guidance with specific physical or emotional concerns or those simply hoping to further their personal yoga practice.

I take a similar ‘tailored’ approach when designing my group classes and can offer sessions for a variety of clientele; ranging from gentle and instructive classes for beginners to more dynamic challenging routines for the more advanced practitioner.

I have also taught group classes in restorative yoga (ideal for the elderly and infirm), fun and playful sessions for children and pre-natal yoga for mothers-to-be. I can confidently lead a class where the students are of mixed levels, offering a variation on pace of movement and intensity of posture, whilst maintaining focus on proper alignment and safe practice. The aim for all my classes is that the students leave feeling relaxed and revived, and fulfilled by what they have achieved.

I am also a qualified Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Health Consultant and have achieved qualifications in Yoga Therapy, Reiki and Thai Massage Therapy.

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