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Hout Bay
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South Africa

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Welcome to Wild Woman Tantra & Bodywork. The information here is not nearly everything I can offer and explain as the teachings and experiences are far too vast for verbal explanations. I trust that you will allow your body to open when reading the below information and that if you feel some aliveness to these words by sensing the subtle genius and wisdom inside of your own body, then I wait to welcome you.

In truth, tantra meets you where you are.

Stress, tension, overwhelm, and excess mental activity are drowning out our feeling. Without access to the subtle genius of our feeling body, we have a reduced ability to discern and respond accurately. The body is not just a vehicle that needs to be maintained, or disciplined so that we can function; rather, it is a potent source of power, intuition, feeling, and abundant pleasure. During my sessions, I work with the deeper teachings: the teachings of the wisdom of the body and practices following along the Traditional Tantric lineage of Kashmir Shaivism.

This includes working deeply with tools to completely relax the body and work on re-sensitizing the body to feelings and sensations. The nervous system is the first place we begin, turning every cell into an ear so that we are able to step back into our power and assuredly know what it is that we are meant to be doing each and every moment of the day.

During my sessions, I work with and facilitate techniques and sacred practices that originate from the tantric lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism. This lineage opens the body to expanding consciousness and returning home to itself - a deeply authentic connection to your temple.

My main focus lies within helping my clients step back into their bodies and claim their purpose by working with a deep emergence into the wisdom of their own bodies. There is a sense of deep knowing, understanding, and compassion that comes from this very necessary and needed connection to the body. My sessions relax the body, open the heart, and bring the mind into clarity.


The work in my space is deeply guided by Traditional Tantra, the work is rich and we take a deep-dive into the mystery of your own body.

Sessions are intuitively guided. No sessions are planned and not all sessions include physical touch. Some sessions are clothed and involve meditating, talking and sharing stories, conscious breathing, and movement. Other sessions involve more advanced practice with physical touch therapy / the yoga of touch and are at times in the nude, which is our natural and very sacred state of being. If nudity is involved in sessions, there is high respect and consensus between both the giver and receiver.

Touch work cannot be requested as the work is not to be touched, the work is in opening your heart and mind, and connecting to your body, and at times, and intuitively, touch work is required for further expansion and sensitization.

The teaching here is to drop all expectations to the idea of tantra or the attachment to an idea/s as to what goes on during sessions. Every session is different and every student is already enlightened.


- Reconnect deeply to your body's own innate wisdom
- Better understand your body wisdom
- Work through and heal traumatic experiences
- Learn to trust your body as well as the Unknown
- Learn to tap in and enjoy the Mystery of your reality
- Enjoy your body more and explore your body's ability to teach you what it needs and no longer wants
- Purge what your body no longer needs/wants (this could be anything from toxic people, environments, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, unhealthy foods, unhealthy habits, etc)
- Open up and surrender to intimacy and vulnerability
- Find your purpose through accessing your body's ancient system of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom
- When mutual trust has been established, you are invited to work on deeper issues, such as behavioral patterns in giving and receiving or revealing yourself in contact with another


Please contact me directly via EMAIL / WATSAPP with your inquiries for package options, dates, hours, and session rates. I unfortunately do not take any phone calls.



Give yourself permission to explore embodied liberation!

Tantra is a practice where we embrace every part of the human experience. We move and breathe into this body in ways that remind us of our cosmic vastness and our non-dual connection to the Divine.

Join me on Zoom for our weekly Group Embodiment Sessions where we will be exploring deep body relaxation and tantric practices that are designed to guide you towards embodiment, towards connecting to your body's own true nature and innate wisdom.

Together, let's move through what we are currently feeling and processing.


Tuesday: 6pm - 7pm CEST
Thursday: 10:30am - 11:30am CEST

Sessions are intuitive and run up to 60 minutes
Hosted on Zoom, please get in direct contact to confirm your spot
R100 per session / $10



Upcoming events: YAH-Vå: The Water Series Online Tantrik Immersion will be hosted online for women and men on the 15th August 11:30am CEST time. For details on this please see below link.

FB Event: 922789914873014/

Email: to register for these workshops / group sessions

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