Suzanne Dulin

Stony Brook, NY
United States

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I work personally with you to help you reach your own personal goals in yoga and healing work, whether you are just starting out, or you are trying to have a career as a yoga teacher.

How can I serve you?
- If you are new to yoga, I will help you get started.

- If you are a new yoga teacher and you want to become an excellent teacher, I will help you to become a confident teacher.

- If you are a long time yoga teacher, I'll help you create a business that can support you doing what you love.


I have studied yoga for over 25 years in the Iyengar, Kripalu, Anusara, and Freedom Style yoga traditions. The traditions I have studied range from the athletic to the spiritual; I can teach students of all levels and interests, of all ages. I love to help people learn to use yoga to heal themselves.

I am a long time student of yoga master Erich Schiffmann and assisted him at workshops. I hold a teacher training from him, as well as Donna Farhi, among others.

I hold a Masters of Engineering (MEng) with a focus in Engineering Management. In this program, I learned to help small businesses start up and grow.


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