Suzanne Zuber

Berkeley, CA
United States
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My first priority is to help students explore tools to release tension, grow strong to the core, and become well-aligned in body, mind, and spirit. Rather than 'pretzeling' our body into classical forms (asanas) and risking injury, we approach these poses using balanced and anatomically healthy joint alignment and muscle activation. This way, we can strengthen our own individual weak areas and open tight spots that are often caused by years of one-sided workouts and 'office-and-iphone asana'.
My classes (Hatha AND Vinyasa) incorporate cutting-edge techniques from physiotherapy and movement science to 'unlock' the powers of traditional asana, pranayama and meditation. All classes celebrate the joy of movement.

My passion for teaching comes from direct experience: a belief that yoga can turn your life around as you reconnect to your innate physical and mental freedom. My yoga journey began over a decade ago as a stressed-out, pained young mother and museum professional, in a German Ashtanga studio. Here, I found the gracefulness I was missing from my years of dancing Ballet; yet what intrigued me most was the peace I experienced in the practice. In California, I encountered Anusara Yoga, whose alignment-based and heart-centered method helped me overcome chronic pain and reframe my approach to life’s ups and downs.

Born and raised in Munich, Germany and a New Yorker at heart, I have been fortunate to study in-depth asana, anatomy, therapeutics, and the various Yogic traditions and philosophies with world-renowned Hatha and Vinyasa teachers. With Noah Mazé, I earned my 300-hour Yogamazé teaching certificate during a year-long course of study in Berlin, focusing on Iyengar-based alignment Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. I am a graduate of the 200-hour Anusara-based yoga teacher training with Siri Peterson, Chrissy and Kenny Graham, and have further studied with Abby Tucker, Jim Bernaert, and Sianna Sherman. I've taught at various studios in Stockholm, Munich, and the Bay Area, and run a yoga-program for students and teachers at the German International School of Silicon Valley (Berkeley campus).

Yoga classes with me are upbeat and humorous, challenging and reflective. I like to interweave ancient myths (with a grain of salt), tapping into timeless universal truths as we explore asanas, pranayama, and meditation on the mat. I'm happiest when my students come out of class feeling balanced and energized, strong to the core, and well-aligned in body, mind, and spirit. When not on the mat, I am practicing the yoga of being an art historian and translator, dedicated wife, and mom to two spunky and hella-precious kids.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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I have to thank Suzanne for giving me the opportunity to be so involved in yoga. I had never taken into account to practice yoga, but now, thanks to Suzanne, I am totally into it.
Suzanne is a brilliant instructor, she is able to integrate body knowledge and spirituality. Suzanne has a great sense of humour. I look forward to being back to Berkeley to re-start the yoga classes with Suzanne.

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Wonderful teacher

I found Suzanne to be a very knowledgeable, kind teacher. Her classes are designed to quiet the mind and exercise the whole body with a special focus on the core muscles. Suzanne has a profound understanding of how the body functions and she applies it in finding alternative movements to suit different people with different needs and challenges. Her classes always offer food for thought and her great sense of humour makes it very easy to relate to her. I’m very sorry I won’t be able to attend her classes any longer, since I’m moving back to Europe.

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Suzanne is Superb

Suzanne is the best yoga instructor I have ever had. She uses humor when appropriate, does not take her self too seriously and clearly knows her stuff. As a beginner she made me feel at ease in her class, always offers multiple different adjustments to keep me feeling good and is super conscious of any physical issues or pain students have and offering alternatives to those moves. I highly recommend her to experienced yoga students and beginners.

Suzanne ZuberMay 25, 2017

Jessica, these unexpected words just totally made my day. Namaste!! I'll be out next week but see you in class the week after!

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Suzanne at Yogakula

Suzanne always asks about students' needs (in body & mind) and adjusts the class to meet those needs. Her deep knowledge and experience allow her to be spontaneous -- it's quite amazing! She gives lots of options, but encourages us all to do things (safely) that we wouldn't have thought possible. And, Suzanne's classes are FUN, thanks to her friendly and funny personality. So glad she's teaching both evening and morning classes at Yogakula!

Suzanne ZuberMay 25, 2017

Aww thank you ESP! See you in 2 weeks! Hope your toe heals by then so you can fly ;-)

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Awesome for this newbie

Suzanne is a terrific teacher who works with myself and my faith community doing spiritual yoga. Her integration of movement and spirituality is terrific. Her ability to work with folks of varying skill and body time is also terrific. While we "take it easy" here it's clear that Suzanne can work with all levels of skill and can definitely help you move to the next level. If I had one regret it's that I can't do a daily practice with her!