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Chiang Mai Chiang Mai

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My aim as a yoga teacher is to reduce the dependence on me as teacher. That's right! I don't want loads of loyal followers! I want to create a world where self-sufficiency and dedication to personal growth is more commonplace. This, I feel, is the key to creating stable change in this world. What this change will look like I do not know (or do not want to say!) but it will create a world in which self-love and wisdom are not only highly valued and pursued, but are taught in schools to children. If we can attune children to valuing self-mastery (yes, there is a way to do this and make it fun and enjoyable), we will prevent or significantly reduce the kind of strife that ravages the current inhabitants of this globe.

While I develop how an efficient and attractive system for working with children, I currently work with adults. As a teacher, I primarily focus on offering therapeutic techniques that help the student cultivate a clearer mind, ever more free of limiting beliefs, traumas, self-destructive tendencies. In other words, know that as my student you will be embarking on a transformational journey that will equip you to align with your true potential, which is, perhaps, far beyond what you can currently imagine.


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