Swami Arun

Ubud Bali
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Swami Arun

Gong Master
Sound Healing, Gong Bath, Tibetan Bowls Meditation, Tibetan Bowls Training, Crystal Bowls Meditation

Swami Arun from a young age traveled globally for personal research.

Aboriginal Australia is where he began studies in Music Therapy by learning how to play the Didgeridoo with the Meditation of Circular Breathing. This, combined with studies in Pranic Healing, led him to create a form of ‘Music Therapy Healing Massage’.

He kept traveling in Nepal & India where he spent time at the Osho Multiversity for Meditation.

India is where he received the Osho Sannyas and the name “Swami Arun”. In the Himalaya, he was touched deeply in the heart by Gongs & Tibetan Bowls & their Magical Healing Sound.

With Divine guidance, intuitively, he created his own style of Meditation with the Healing Sound of Gongs & Tibetan Bowls. He treats individuals & groups, and provides amazing transformational experiences.

“The Vibrational Sound Frequency of Gongs & Tibetan Bowls can transport anyone in Meditation even without any previous experience & rebalance the Energy Field & Harmonize all the Chakras” - Swami Arun


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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