Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati

Forest Lake QLD
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In 1972 my mother said to me, when I wanted to quit classical ballet, "You need to exercise." In my search for exercise I found yoga. It didn't take long for me to realise that yoga is more than exercise. I delved deep into it in 1976 travelling to India to study further. For 10 years I lived at Bihar School of Yoga learning, teaching and writing on the subject. I was privileged to be taught directly from my esteemed teacher Paramahansa Swami Satyananda.

Since returning to Australia in 1986 I have been teaching locally, nationally and abroad.

My general classes in Brisbane consist of restorative yoga postures, breathing and yoga nidra relaxation meditation for all ages. I am available for individual consultations to assist with home practice, yoga psycho management of specific life issues and advanced practices of meditation such as Kriya Yoga, Tattwa Shuddhi, Prana Vidya and more.

Skype classes can be a possibility if you are unable to attend personally.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Experienced teacher with down-to-earth attitude

Sw Mukti is highly regarded teacher with many many years of practice and experience both in India and Australia. She is very approachable and has always provided easy yoga practices to deal with day to day life's ups and downs. We are fortunate to have her in our midst. Om

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Precious and rare living Master of Yoga

It was one of the most auspicious and blessed moments of our lives when we had the amazing good fortune to meet and take teachings from living Yoga Master Swami Muktibodhananda. We used her extraordinary translation and commentary of 16th century Yogi Swatmarama's Hatha Yoga Pradipika in a deeply isolated silent retreat setting, but no matter your lifestyle or where you are on your yoga path, Swami Muktibodhananda is sublimely able to take you to the very end of yoga.

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Yoga with a Master

Swami Muktibodha has been my teacher for aprox 30 years. An expert teacher in either teaching beginners or advanced practioners, Swami Muktibodha brings her wealth of information skills and knowledge from her time of living with her Guru Sri Swami Satyananda as well her knowledge of how to live and use all of her yoga knowledge in a householder life. She is highly skilled at making yoga alive and practical across all walks of life

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My Yoga Journey

I have been attending Yoga Classes with Mukti for over 8 years - she has always been very friendly and helpful without being pushy as my previous yoga teacher was.
Classes are always varied and interesting and relaxed. She is a gentle wise soul who seems to instinctively know when to share and when to keep her own counsel. She shows an interest in my family not just me and over the years has got to know them. Annette

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Restorative Yoga with a Master

Mukti is an excellent master of Yoga. She has devoted her life to all aspects of the Yoga tradition as handed down to her by Shri Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
Highly recommend the classes for people who wish to participate in Restorative Yoga with Mantra Chanting and Meditation. .