Swami Umesh Yogi

Rishikesh Uttarakhand

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Rishikesh is one of the most popular destinations for yoga in the world ,There are numerous of Guru's, Ashrams, and numerous styles of yoga and meditation, to choose from. Hence, it's important to investigate which best meets for your needs.
Swami Umesh Yogi is a personal disciple of divine grace Shri Baba Ji Maharaj & Maharashi Mahesh Yogi Ji. He was born in a Brahmin family in central India , He started his Sadhna with his Guru Shri Baba Ji from the tradition of Bhagwan Shankracharya .He deepened his studies of Raja Yoga, meditation and Bhakti Yoga from the age of 8 years.
Since 1998 Swami Umesh Yogi is traveling and giving his teachings in many countries in Europa and America with peoples those special interests are in Yoga, Meditation, prana-sadhna, vedic -since, astrology, yajna , healing, love, happiness, liberation and spiritual awakening. Simply, sensitively, humorously, deeply and clearly he opens up; The Present, The Truth, The Preciousness of his direct moment. He invites you to look behind your common habits and thereby directly experience healing.
The visitors of his meeting particularly appreciate his affectionate clarity and simplicity free of any "Master or Guru" disguise play acting. You can speak to Swami ji completely at ease about your most personal subjects.
His Holiness Swami ji is born on this earth to extend to the world the message of peace & harmony, love and re-establish higher creative human value ;Swami ji is a social reformer, versatile thinker, writer and poet. From his childhood , he has been continuously making efforts for establishing communal harmony, non- violence, love and peaceful society.
Swami ji has earned unlimited love, fame and respect not only in India but also at the International level due to his steadfastness, knowledge, energy and perseverance. He is master in the field of Meditation, Yoga, Peace and love . His contribution is the mode of popular 'Prana sadhna ' which is an ancient vedic science, Meditation and Yoga and current scientific research. It brings an end to the negative instinct in the human beings and awakens love ,peace ,creativity and spiritual values.

He is traveling around many countries of the world and from all over the world people come to experience spirituality and Yogic science from him.


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