Swamini Ma Shaktiananda

Cozumel ROO

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Dharmacharyni Swamini Ma Shaktiananda, (Yogacharyni and Ashramcharyni in Yoga ).
She is the representative in Mexico of the International Federation of Yoga.
She teaches Yoga in the ancestral form Gurukula, which is the oral transmission from master to disciple knower.
She teaches all nivles and varied, Methods and Styles of Yoga; as well as their expertise in certain and specific technic of Yoga. To mention a few: Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Shakti Yoga, Purna Yoga, Purna Yoga Integral , Yoga Therapy, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Swara Yoga, Pranayama, etc, etc
She gives several courses, retreats, seminars, yoga professorships and regular classes in the Ashram.


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