Sylvi Harwin

Vista, CA
United States
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My mother studied to be a yoga teacher with Indra Devi so I started at a very young age to practice. The yoga philosophy has always resonated with me. I got my 200 hour teacher training certification with Roots & Wings in 2009, focusing on Hatha, Anusara, & Ashtanga. I then obtained certification in Yin Yoga studying with Paulie Zinc & Sarah Powers. I currently teach all levels of yoga practice, Yin Yoga & offer Yin Yoga workshops quarterly or more often. I also organize & teach yoga retreats around the world where I offer meditation, Yin Yoga followed by an active vinyasa practice & ending the day with another vinyasa flow followed by restorative yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

17 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
YIN yoga treacher training

Sylvi held an 8 day comprehensive and intense YIN training program this past June. Her knowledge of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga is extensive. The program included lecture and discussion which led to learning and dissecting the YIN poses. There were daily exercises of creating sequences which we then taught to each other. That was a wonderful way to learn and receive feedback all at once.
As a teacher she loves to impart her knowledge and does so with
enthusiasm, encouraging questions and dialogue.
I highly recommend Sylvi's YIN training and classes and would like to work with her again in the future.

Sylvi HarwinJuly 21, 2018
Thank you Paul

for taking the time to write me a review- I appreciate it! You were a joy to work with, and with your past experience in teaching Yin Yoga, anyone who takes your class will reap tremendous benefits & enjoy your teaching style. I will certainly take your class when I am in your area!

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Wonderful Teacher

I just finished Sylvi’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training and am so glad that I took this course. Sylvi covered broad aspects of Yin Yoga and made me more interested not only in physically practicing Yin yoga but also in philosophical and scientific sides of yoga. Sylvi is very knowledgeable and guides you to find the path to a healthy lifestyle, physically and spiritually.

Sylvi HarwinJuly 19, 2018
Thank you Yuriko!

It was a real pleasure to work with you & get to know you. I know you will enjoy the practice even more now. Thanks for taking the time to write me a review!

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Sylvie is a wonderful teacher

I just finished Sylvie's eight day Yin Yoga teacher training course and I couldn't be happier. I felt like we not only learned the Yin Yoga poses but the biomechanics of each pose throughly. Sylvie covered the meridians and chakras along with the history and philosophy of Yin verses Yang yoga. I highly recommend this course even if you never intend to teach Yin. It is a wealth of information that will benefit you in maintaining a flexible body and mind.

Sylvi HarwinJuly 19, 2018
Thank you Ani

It was a real pleasure having you in the teacher training. You will make a terrific teacher & with your knowledge of the chakras & meridians I know you will make your classes interetsing as well as beneficial.

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Great teacher

I was amazed by the knowledge of Yin yoga demonstrated by my teacher. We covered so much information and hands-on training. We also learned hot to adjust and sequence the class. By the time we finished, we were ready to teach the class and advocate the greatness of Yin yoga!!I'm so glad that I learned from the best!!

Sylvi HarwinNovember 10, 2016

Thank you Mimi, it was my pleasure to share my knowledge with you. You absorbed it so readily & really understand the deep benefits of yin yoga. I know that you will pass this knowledge on to your students as you instruct them in yin yoga for the benefit of all. Sylvi

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Great instructor!

Sylvi is a very knowledgeable and highly skilled yoga instructor. She offers clear instruction and is safety conscious. She is caring and offers high quality yoga instruction.

Sylvi HarwinNovember 7, 2016

Thanks Kim, you so readily understood & absorbed all of the material, the poses, the reasons for Yin yoga. Sage Yoga studio is lucky to have you- you are an excellent teacher. Sylvi

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

I had the pleasure of attending Sylvi's Yin Yoga Teacher Training. I realized early on that she was sharing the same information that she had shared with me as a student in her regular weekly scheduled classes at the studio. Note that she allows the knowledge to flow freely from her to any who wish to receive, regardless of the setting or exchange of currency. She is a true teacher. Sylvi is detail oriented, meticulous and precise.


She consistently explains the importance of the balance of yin and yang energy - using yin yoga practice to complement yang yoga practice, always identifying the similarities and differences of the styles. I particularly appreciate the emphasis she places on meditation, reminding us that mediatation has always been the reason for a committed yoga practice.

Sylvi HarwinNovember 7, 2016

Thanks Helena, It was pleasure to have you in the teacher training program. You would make a wonderful teacher if you ever decide to take that route! Sylvi

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Sylvi is knowledgeable about Yin

Sylvi has expert experience in Yin yoga. More so she provides information about the history and meaning of the practice. I have practiced with Sylvi for over four years in Yin and feel and understand the benefits of YIN. Through well thought out sequence of postures Sylvi provides the very best preparation to pinnacle poses such as the splits. Or if needed she can support one to develop a new practice in Yin using appropriate props to aid the body in taking the pose. Ultimately Sylvi has become a teacher to me for Yin and Yoga philosophy. Sylvi lives the philosophy and can help others along their own path. Truly a great teacher.

Sylvi HarwinNovember 4, 2016
Thank you from my heart to yours.

I have really enjoyed working with you over the years & seen your beautiful progression. You learned so well during the teacher training that you will make an excellent teacher should you choose to share your gift with others. In any case I send you my love as your pursue your path. Sylvi

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Great for the advanced student also

Sylvie manages to challange ss well as nurture her students.She always has modifications and level 3 extensions to keep her class interesting.Never the same , always purposeful, exhibits vast knowledge of asanas.She also imcludes philosophy and breathing seamlessly.Great instructor.Highly recommended.

Sylvi HarwinNovember 28, 2015

Susan, I am so honored by your review, thank you from the heart! It makes me happy when I see you in class. You have such a beautiful practice that you inspire everyone around you!

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Don't Miss the Wonderful Instructor!

It truly a pleasure to take a class with Sylvi as the instructor! She has a wide range of experience (from Power to Yin) and is always prepared for each class as she provides demonstrations, explanations, appropriate adjustments as well as being very spiritual. Don't miss the opportunity to reap the benefits of working with this wonderful instructor!

Sylvi HarwinNovember 28, 2015

Thank you Elizabeth, I love your presence in class. You are always so helpful & welcoming to new & old students, & your thumbs up during savasana always touches me & makes me smile!

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Sylvi is an accomplished teacher in yin and power yoga

Sylvi's power yoga is an active, non-stop, great flow. She takes you through poses that focus on opening certain areas of the body, with a different emphasis and flow for each class. She also does a superb yin yoga class that focuses on either a chakra or body area. Her knowledge of poses to open one up and the way she leads you there are very well developed and a pleasure to follow. She gives the background to each pose and how it opens up the body or relates to a chakra. This class she teaches is very special. Thank you, Sylvi!

Sylvi HarwinNovember 26, 2015

Thank you Deena, It is always a pleasure to see you in class. You have such beautiful, positive energy & literally glow with it, lifting the energy of the entire class with you. I look forward to seeing you on the mat again soon!

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Sylvi is an exceptional teacher. Probably the best I have ever had ! She provides varied, challenging classes that accommodate beginners as well as more advanced students.

Sylvi HarwinNovember 4, 2015

Thank you for taking the time to write me a review! It has truly been a pleasure to work with you & JB over the years & see you both progress dramatically. I love your attitude & look forward to spending time with you both at the Haramara retreat!

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Adrianna C. Kovacs BSN

Sylvi can bring yoga to anyone at any level of practice. With her experience and expertise she can make yoga safe for anyone. She is also fun and loves teaching! She explains how each posture works to build strength and or flexibility. She gives deep explanation about the chakras and incorporates simple explanation when it applies. Her love for the yoga practice shines through her fun, dynamic class!

Sylvi HarwinNovember 4, 2015

Thank you Adrianna, I appreciate your lovely review! It is always a pleasure to see you in class, you are a shining light . I love to be able to point to you when demonstrating how a pose is to be done. I hope to see you in class soon!

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Sylvi Harwin Is an Amazing Instructor

I have been attending Sylvi's class at LA Fitness for several years in addition to periodic yin yoga workshops. During that time, her guidance has allowed me to make tremendous progress in my yoga practice. Her classes provide just the right amount of challenge. I always feel that I've been pushed to grow, but never frustrated. She teaches a wide variety of poses, but leads enough familiar positions to build confidence. Sylvi exudes positive energy and I always look forward to her class.