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5 Elements – International School of Yoga & Movement () is a RYS-200, RYS-300 and RPYT from the historic city of Kraków (Cracow), Poland. We offer yoga workshops, yoga intensives and yoga teacher training courses in English in Kraków and in studios across Europe and India. We also offer dance therapy, trigger point massage and Thai massage in Kraków.

We are born to evolve, yet our paths on this journey are inscrutable. At 5 Elements we recognize that each of us is different and we all have different goals. This reflects the true spirit of yoga, which over thousands of years of its existence has been practiced to achieve diverse goals, by different people and in different ways.

In our combined 9000 hours of experience teaching yoga we have come across hundreds of students who have experienced the benefits of yoga in their lives. But we have also seen people discouraged by yoga styles that did not match their temperament.

On the contrary are people who are passionate about their yoga style, but start experiencing negative effects of their practice, such as increased rigidity of mind, joint pain, inflammation, frequent injuries, insomnia, fertility problems and so on.

We have found explanation to these differences in an ancient Indian philosophy. It says that both animate and inanimate worlds, including human mind, are formed by interplay of the five basic elements (sans. pancha maha bhuta): earth, water, fire, air and space. Thus the name of our school – 5 Elements.

Each of us is different and has a different constitution of these five elements. Their imbalance can lead to physical or psychological disturbances, or simply hampers our ability to realise our full potential in life.

One of the aims of yoga practice is to balance our own elements, or at least not to aggravate elements which we tend to have in excess. At 5 Elements we will help you diagnose and modify your constitution so that you can achieve more balance in life.


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