Tal Ravid


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Teaches Yoga as an approach to life.
Aiming at bringing yoga to people who needs it much, especially the old and the sick in society.
Combines yoga and therapy and focuses on Yoga adaptations for people coping with physical and mental difficulties.
Believes that with a variety of traditional and modern techniques - Yoga can change life .

Born in 1969. Resident of Kiryat - Bialik , near Haifa , Israel.
Married +1.
Initiated to self studies by Dr. Nader Butto.

Discipline of Yossi Cohen - Asahel (Sivananda Yoga heritage) , one of Israel's first Yoga teachers.
Studied in The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, Mumbai.
Studied Ayurveda in the Israeli Ayurveda Center ( Dr. Eran Magon) and was trained in Ayurveda and Yoga by Dr. Rohit in Panjim India.

Trained in the following Indian Institutions:
• The Yoga Institute, Mumbai
• Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla
• Patanjali Yogpeeth , Haridwar
• Association of Yoga and meditation , Rishikesh
• Devine Life Society ( Swami Sivananda ) , Rishikesh

Graduate - Expressive Psychotherapy , University of Haifa .
Specialized in Palliative care therapy for two years in Telem, Psychological clinic in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Advances in Indian Studies at the Department of Asian Studies,University of Haifa.

Developed a special body-mind Yoga training (practiced on chairs) which combines moderate movement synchronized with breath awareness and observation.
This method is used for teaching yoga to special groups.

Researches and writes on Yoga, Yoga traditions , Yoga philosophy and combining Yoga in modern life.
Lecturer in Public Institutions and Yoga Centers in Israel.

This days working on a special academic paper researching and describing the unique Yoga heritage of The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, World's first modern Yoga organized institution.


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