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I have experienced various symptoms of modern life diseases while working at a law firm. I first met yoga in 2010 and experienced its positive effects very soon – not only by a radical weight loss and achieving a flexible body, but also in my mind. Yoga practicing gave me inner peace and harmony and confirmed some deeply smouldering thoughts in me about the universe and human existence.

The path of yoga represents a constant development of the self – though everybody starts from a different point and moves in a different tempo, once you step on it, you will know you are on the right path.

I have studied yoga philosophy and asana instructions from Zoltán Kiss Nitai in 2010-11, and later I completed a hatha yoga teacher course led by him. I have also learnt a lot from Ricardo Martinez about mysore ashtanga and more.

Yoga has changed my whole life positively in all aspects, so it became a mission for me to spread the ancient knowledge to more and more people. On the way I also realised that teaching also helps me to continue my self-development, which has to be a lifetime project.

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