Tamas Tapovan

Melbourne VIC

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I am hard working, self-motivated, willing to learn new skills and have a positive attitude. I have a strong sense of responsibility; can work by myself as well as part of a team. To me, a solid base is the key to noticeable progress and I take time in my classes to help practitioners to build these foundations. With passion for what I do and compassionate communication I deliver high quality classes which meets and exceeds the practitioners' expectation thereby promoting any establishment in a positive and professional manner.

Since my teenage years, I have had love for physical activities especially martial arts and Muay-Thai Boxing. Through this Yoga was introduced to me in 2003 and it set me on an unforgettable journey which has now become a lifestyle. I earned my first Hatha Yoga instructor certificate in 2011 which was followed by a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2012. I spent 3 months studying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga from two of the most accomplished teachers in Mysore. Then I spent 5 months in a Buddhist monastery near Kathmandu in 2013, where I was teaching yoga and pranayama to the monks and in returned learned rigorous meditation techniques.
After that I undertook the Sivanada Yoga Teacher Training program in 2014 and subsequently joined the full-time teaching staff at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala, where I spent 15 months, conducting different types of yoga, pranayama and meditation classes for big groups, with up to 100 participants. I have also completed numerous one to six months yoga retreats in different ashrams in the Himalayas and learned from great yogis and sages of India and Nepal. I currently work at Phoenix Yoga Studio in Melbourne, Australia teaching Power - and Foundation flow to beginner and intermediate students.
I am an intense practitioner of hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa and other challenging yoga styles. I spend most of my free time practicing meditation, pranayama and kundalini yoga techniques, studying the scriptures and reading spiritual and self-development books that keep me motivated and help to stay focused in all aspects of life.


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