Tamlyn Cohen

johannesburg gauteng
South Africa

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i am 22 years old, and iv been practising yoga for nearly two years.
having a love for the body and the mind, i studied Sports Psychology at the University of Johannesburg and got my BA degree in 2013.
i am very in touch with my inner child and like to act silly and be around kids, because they are so pure and free, which put me on the path of Aupairing school kids with their homework and general activities during my studies, as well as coaching Netball and Football to children at my old high school after having got a KNVB football coaching certificate.
after i stumbled across yoga, i realised this was where my heart and head are the most happiest. being generally shy on first meeting, yoga has really helped me open up physically and mentally (with todays bad postures) and get more comfortable in my self.
in 2012 i travelled to india with some friends, and every morning i would wake up and do sun salutations on the beach and my friends started to join me, and i had to teach them the postures and the correct way to get in and stay in them, this is when i realised i want to teach and share my knowledge to help others and bring the same bliss i get to them.
i am currently in the middle of the process of doing my yoga teacher training in johannesburg, and in my whole 21 years of living i have never learnt as much as i have during this course.