Tammie Day

Brisbane QLD

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Hi and welcome! I am a Queensland-based Counsellor, Social Worker, Yoga teacher and Workshop/Retreat Facilitator, and the founder of Vibrant Women. I have been a practising counsellor for seventeen years and I am dedicated to the health and well-being of all women. I currently offer counselling and Yogalates in Goodna, Ipswich. I also facilitate retreats and workshops worldwide.

In 2009 my partner joined the Australian Airforce, which came as quite a culture shock for me and having been in the relationship for ten years, it was my turn to be the supportive partner. We initially moved to Wagga Wagga in regional New South Wales for two years and during this time, I chose to undertake my Masters in Social Work and re-think my career direction. I had always enjoyed my career but felt it was time to work for myself. I wondered how I was going to make a living in this new life, which involved moving to a different location every three years.

I started by thinking about my passions and skills, and how I could use these creatively to develop a worklife that was enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling. I knew that it had to give back to the community in some way and be meaningful to me on a daily basis . Then one day while I lay on the yoga mat recovering, (for some reason I still can’t touch my toes after 20 years of yoga practice!) it came to me, “You love working with women and travelling— find a way to combine the two”.

So that year as I attended a girlfriend’s 40th birthday party in Bali, I also booked myself into a writers’ retreat in Ubud. After attending the retreat and having such fun with a group of like-minded women (which I realised I hardly ever did), I felt so inspired that I decided that this is what I would do. I realised I had all the skills to be a retreat facilitator as I had been running groups for years, was a counsellor and had a lot of travel experience. I thought to myself, “It’s now or never—be brave!”, so I booked and paid the deposit to facilitate a retreat for the following year. It was a risk; it required a big financial deposit, and maybe no-one would come! But a little part of me knew that it would be the best thing I’d ever done. As my granddad always says, “Boats are safest in the harbour, but that’s not what they were built for .”

I took a leap of faith and on my very first Women’s Retreat to Bali I had eight people on the waiting list, I couldn’t believe it! Since then I haven’t looked back and I’m so glad I had the dream and the support to realise it. My partner and I have since moved to Ipswich, Queensland, but the beauty of this work is that it doesn’t matter where I live because I travel to my work—it’s perfect.

My retreats feel like: a holiday with a group of friends. After two days you feel like you’ve known each other forever, but in addition we always have the opportunity to develop ourselves further personally or professionally and give back to the communities that we are visiting. I like to call these retreats ‘Purposeful Holidays’ and I hope you can join me on one.

In terms of my professional practice, I have a particular interest in Mindfulness and Buddhism as well as the Positive Psychology Movement. I weave these ideas into my retreats and workshops, which will provide you with tools to create lasting change and happiness in your life.

I have found the perfect place to offer my counselling services and yogalates classes in Ipswich—the beautiful River House located in Goodna, overlooking the Brisbane River. You can find me there on Fridays and Saturdays offering Holistic Counselling to individuals and couples; this is the Australian location of my workshops. You should also check out all the other services offered at the River House—it’s a very special place for spiritual healing and awakening.

Thanks for visiting me today—I hope we will meet in some wonderful location like Malaysia, Bali or Port Douglas!