Tanaya Ti'en

Perth WA
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Tanaya Ti’en is a Yoga Practitioner and Teacher (E-RYT500), Trainer in Fitness & Exercise Physiology, and creator of the “Rock Your Chakras, Roll Your Yamas Yoga Toolbox For Life.” She has over 25 years of experience in mind-body disciplines, research and philosophy.

Founder of Mind Body Collective Australia, Tanaya’s work is centred around the mind-body connection and the psyche’s key role in illness, wellness, and the healing process.

Tanaya has a BA in Performance Studies and Dramatic Arts. It was amidst this intensive training in the 90’s at Melbourne’s VCA and the Victorian University of Technology that she first explored the body’s ability to express and indeed, repress its truth. Gaining insights into how the mediums of prose, movement and sound could combine with yoga as a powerful pathway to healing deep trauma, her work today seeks to bring yoga’s ancient science to light in the context of the modern world.

Tanaya’s philosophy is that the path of yoga can be transformational for everyone, regardless of physical capacity, age, or religion. A big part of her motivation as a teacher of yoga is the growing need for mental health care, and the ever-expanding evidence of yoga’s positive impact on mind-body wellness.

In 2015, Tanaya launched the Rock Your Chakras, Roll Your Yamas class series and course - an exploration into the eight-limbed path of classical yoga (aṣṭāṅgayoga), and more specifically, how the ten yogic precepts of yama and niyama express in the body today. Soon after, in 2018 came the publication of the Rock Your Chakras, Roll Your Yamas Yoga Card Deck, and Toolbox for Life.

“…the RYC RYY Yoga Toolbox for Life is a collection of the lessons, the learning, and the love gathered over four decades of research and self-study. It’s the therapist in a box I wish I’d had in my handbag thirty years ago!”

The Rock Your Chakras, Roll Your Yamas Toolbox for Life is available via the Mind Body Collective Australia website, or if you're in Western Australia, at an independent book store near you.

Away from the yoga mat, Tanaya is also a Civil Celebrant and lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband, daughter, Florence the Dalmatian, and Turbo the cat.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

35 Reviews

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