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I was introduced to yoga through the Satyananda system of Yoga, at Mangrove Mountain Ashram, in NSW, Australia. in the late '80's.

It's a progressive format, starting gently and developing body and breath awareness.

More a classical form of yoga, derived directly from the Tantras and interpreted for modern life by Swami Satyananda and his successor Swami Nirajanananda.

It is a complete system, as each class includes breathing practise, asanas and a deep relaxation / or meditation.

Anyone interested in yoga knows, it's a minefield of various practices; So many breathing techniques, so many meditations and so many variations on asana practice, can keep the practitioner on a continuous learning curb.

I also teach pregnancy yoga, mother and baby class, kids, teens and the elderly. Classes for groups such as and , on request.

Recently, i've qualified for Yoga for healthy Lower specific course for chronic lower back pain sufferers.

This was funded by Arthritis UK and researched by York University, in an attempt to bring this very specific yoga to the NHS.

I currently teach from Fionnuisce Wellness and Therapy Rooms in Bandon. I will be taking the YHLB course to Cork city, in 2015


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