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United Kingdom

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I'm a yoga teacher, Thai yoga massage therapist and cacaoista from the UK (but I'm a lifelong nomad too; I've lived, worked & travelled all over the world - Maui, New Mexico & Thailand stand out as touchstones of my heart & soul!) I've been teaching in Devon, UK for several years, and also have international experience teaching yoga & giving Thai massages at a retreat centre in Thailand.

Over the last 20-odd years I've explored many styles of yoga & have evolved my own particular holistic approach, weaving in some pranayama & mindfulness meditation and philosophy along with the asana. Asana-wise, I began with a traditional Hatha Yoga practice for 10 years before I began exploring other styles, particularly Holistic Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Wisdom Flow Yoga.

I've evolved my own heart-oriented Holistic Vinyasa approach, drawing on a gentler, more lunar approach to vinyasa, and weaving in opportunities for challenge as well as self-nurturing & aim is for each student to explore what they need to create their own balance of strength & release, power and softness. I also draw on a nature/earth-based spirituality, alongside aspects of yoga philosophy, to encourage my students to experience a deeper sense of connection to natural forces & elemental energies. I'm interested in shamanic /indigenous spirituality and this has led me to start working with Cacao, undertaking training with a plant medicine shaman in order to run Sacred Cacao ceremonies. I love cacao's ability to activate & unblock anahata chakra, the heart centre.

My classes balance strength and gentleness, physicality and an understanding of western anatomy with mindfulness and awareness of the subtle energy body, and the benefits of yoga on and off the mat. I'm also inspired by Buddhist, Zen & Taoist teachings, earth/nature-based & indigenous spirituality.

I also love sharing Thai yoga massage as an extension of my yoga offering, using compassionate loving touch to bring release, relaxation and healing, allowing the recipient’s energy to flow more freely.

For me, yoga is a spiritual, liberating and healing path, bringing us into self-knowledge and acceptance, able to find harmony with ourselves and others - and I love sharing this with everyone I teach.
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