Tanja Alexandra Kern

Mendocino, CA
United States
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Tanja discovered the transformative power of yoga in California in 2002. After continuing her yoga practice in Hong Kong, India and Thailand she decided to become a Yoga Instructor in 2011 to share her love of yoga and all its benefits with others. Yoga has been a light on her path and supported her in following her heart to live the life of her dreams.

Now she is encouraging others to find their purpose, to live a life they love and love the life they live.

Tanja is a yoga teacher, studio owner, holistic life coach, energy worker, aromatherapist, and massage therapist and is leading classes and workshops, focusing on the integration of yoga, life coaching, energy work and Aromatherapy.

Her Specialties:

- Finding your Life Purpose

- Empowerment, Relationships

- Stress Relief and Mindfulness

- Mind-Body-Emotion-Spirit Balance

- Women's Moon Yoga

- "Yoga for the Animals" with 25% proceeds going to the local animal shelter

You can connect with her on her website , or


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Tanja was a superb instructor and had a beautiful spot in the hills of Mendocino. I loved the class, as it gave me the reset my body, mind, and spirit needed!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wonderful Classes, Excellent Teacher

Every class with Tanja is amazing. Tanja is intuitive, caring, and her attention to every detail is amazing. She has showed me poses in a whole new light and is always sure I am very safe in every pose, yet every class she challenges me to push my body just a little bit further and to be aware of how I am feeling. I find I take what she is teaching me and applying it to many aspects of my life. I love her beautiful spirit and genuine caring manner; she is a true light and a lovely being. I am so thankful to have found her to guide me and to help me expand my love of yoga and all the benefits for my mind, spirit and body.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Tanja's classes are amazing!

Tanja is a fantastic yoga instructor! I came to her as a total beginner and because of her I have fallen in love with yoga! I attend Tanja's classes twice a week, and practice has helped me immeasurably with my back issues, increased my flexibility and strength, and reduced my levels of stress. She keeps class light and fun, and incorporates a great mixture of spiritual and body focused methods. She is attentive to individual preferences/needs, and always considers safety a top priority during practice. Modifications and adjustments are always available, when wanted. You will not regret choosing to practice yoga with Tanja!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Tanja is a very welcoming and thoughtful teacher!

Tanja is very welcoming and aware of her students individual needs while teaching. I have been away from yoga practice for about 20 years and am so happy to have found this very capable and cheerful teacher. I find myself looking forward to my weekly session, mentally and physically. She is a very thoughtful teacher!

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Tanja is a wonderful teacher

I love her yoga clases- just the right combination of mind-body-spirit.

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The lovely Tanja

Every class is a pleasure - even when I have to force myself to go.
I always feel different and better when class is over.
Tanja is a wonderful teacher and person.

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Tuned into participants

Tanja is spiritual and adds that aspect to her gentle teaching. I found that she tailored her the asanas to students in the classes I attended. I am extremely satisfied.

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A wonderful, welcoming practice

Tanja is a warm, wonderful teacher. Her style is very welcoming which allowed me to relax and enjoy the practice.

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Finding My Inner Goddess

I had never been able to connect with yoga as a physical or spiritual practice until I started working with Tanja. She is instinctual, sensitive, and personable. I feel her positive energy in every word and action during class. She reminds me to always be patient and kind and has restored a long lost confidence to my inner goddess! With practice, I am realizing and exploring new feelings about my inner self!

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my yoga teacher and friend

even though it sometimes seems like it is beyond my strength, i LOVE my yoga classes. i feel more energy, people say i look radiant and i have increased my core strength by a lot. not only the physical side of me has improved but the impact on how i live my life is enormous. even though i felt peaceful before, it is somehow enhanced. i sometimes fall over, but at least i can get up. tanja is the best teacher you can find and our classes are fun. i am a woman of substance (in many ways) and at the ripe age of 77 this is the way for me. COME AND JOIN US.

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Yoga As a LIfestyle

Tanja is a great Hatha yoga teacher able to modify poses for the older, less mobile student. She regularly reminds us to listen to our own body and to breathe. She offers encouraging quotes and an online newsletter that inspires and teaches the traditional yoga path along with helpful reminders for everyday life. Yoga is not just class and not just poses- it is a means to awaken to our higher purpose,

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Tanja is very patient and understanding of my inexperience and lack of training.

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One of the BEST yoga instructors!

Hello, I discovered Tanja when I was visiting Mendocino, and felt truly blessed to have found her! She is by far one of the best yoga instructors I have ever experienced. I have taken yoga for years, and was in need of restoration and strength building. I entered her classes fatigued and left feeling enlivened and rejuvenated! Tanja is sensitive to each individuals needs, and explains each pose clearly while demonstrating it. I found the pace just right for me, ( not too fast or difficult, but challenging enough). If you take her classes you are guaranteed to feel great!

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Tanja is a very knowledgeable, experienced yoga instructor. She is a wonderful instructor to work with.

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Quiet Confidence

Tanya's style of teaching is one of quiet strength. She comes at the poses with grace and ease and allows you to find your own expression. She understands body alignment and the ability for the body to find it's natural way back to equanimity. Her gentleness of approach breaths life into the enormous possibilities available in each pose. She allows the yoga to speak for itself.


Tanya is personable and funny and kind. Her personality allows you to feel safe and taken care of during the whole yoga experience.
I recommend Tanya for yoga instruction for anyone who is new to yoga to bring you to a place of understanding about the process. For those experienced in yoga, Tanya will facilitate a challenging flow to keep you reaching beyond your edges.