Tara Brasier

Richmond Hill, ON
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Tara is an elementary school teacher who worked with the Peel Board of Education for 10 years, and has been a yoga teacher and business owner for 8 years. She believes so strongly in the endless benefits yoga can bring to all, that she is currently nurturing a not-for-profit start up; Link2Success, which is introducing MindBody*Life*Education to a wide range of community sectors.
Tara's work extends into partnerships with corporations, schools, healing centres, Newcomers to Canada and seniors residences. For over a decade, Tara has used yoga and meditation as a proactive
approach to living with anxiety and depression. Having studied a wide variety of yoga styles, and having a deep commitment to a yogic lifestyle she understands the comprehensive approach and depth & breadth of a safe and beneficial practice. Tara is a certified Yoga Alliance Canada teacher who has developed and delivered yoga teacher trainings. Tara's approach to teaching is to encourage students to ask questions and go slowly, to allow the time necessary for maximum benefits and to experience the purpose of authentic yoga; whole person well-being and self evolution.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Tara - bringing heart and soul to yoga!

Any class I have taken with Tara has always been an enjoyable experience that transcends the postures she is leading us through, and encompasses the heart and soul of what it means to do yoga. Tara shines in the energy she radiates to the class - whether it be an asana class or a meditation class - her rapport with the class makes each and every one of them feel as if she is there just for them. She balances a caring approach in the way she leads students through postures, and combines it with an enthusiastic energy as she infuses the class with the philosophies and true roots of what she teaches.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Are you looking for a genuine and caring teacher ?

Tara is one in a million..... she has a very kindred spirit with a heart that is open and inviting.......she shares everything she knows and has the gift of vocabulary that I have never witnessed before...........her choice of words reach me deep inside .....
If you desire a deeper connection with your inner true self you owe it to yourself to meet her