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I began studying movement while completing my BFA in Theatre in Canada and went on to study Dance/Movement Therapy in the USA.

Yoga entered my life (Ashtanga) in 2004 and in 2008 I began the journey of deepening my studies and practice (Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Yin, Yoga for High Risk Youth and Restorative). In 2010 I began teaching in New York City. Shortly after that I began practicing/studying Thai Massage to improve my awareness of the body and to recognize common holding patterns and trauma in my student's bodies.

My specialization is in somatics, "the body as perceived from within." I am currently completing training in The Feldenkrais Method, a movement therapy based on enhancing awareness of the body and movements, to dissolve self-limiting habits and improve overall body function/mobility.

My yoga teachings are based in mindfulness practices.
Although I still guide students who want to improve their physical strength, flexibility and endurance with a strong yoga practice, I have designed my own yoga program called The Somatic Movement Project.
The primary focus of this program is improving mobilization, overall ease and breathing habits for students with physical limitations due to lifestyle (desk-posture!), injury or emotional trauma.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

20 Reviews

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A great mix of anatomical expertise and spiritual awareness

The first time I met Tara she spotted me sitting in the front row of a class I just wasn't suited to. She saw the way I was sitting, and in a professional and compassionate manner, guided me to find help in private lessons. I had travelled to Chiang Mai in the hope that I would find someone, or some type of practice, that could help me with my incredibly inflexible hips, poor posture and complications for a neck injury.


Tara's one-on-one work helped me move through some really difficult stages, with the tension in my back, and difficulty stretching through my hips. Tara's anatomical knowledge of the human body is what stands out most to me, especially for someone who is so kind and has a great sense of humour.

I'm glad to say that I have developed a self-practice that is sustainable since I spent some time with Tara.

Oh, and I should mention the great space she has for lessons. Perfect, central location and easy to find.

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That Yoga Teacher I've Been Looking For

I took my first yoga class around 1973. Soon after, I found what was for me, the perfect yoga instructor. When I moved away, I kept trying yoga and being disappointed over and over. The instructors weren't doing it right! Then, three years ago in NYC, I had the opportunity to take a class with Tara. I felt like I'd come home to yoga. The room was full but she had the ability to make each of us feel noticed and important.


Her rich, soothing voice explained calmly, but also offered light humor. I know that she's incredibly well-trained and practiced, but more importantly, are her perfectly-suited instincts for doing body/spirit work with others. I would not hesitate to recommend her--especially if you have some body issues that make you unsure or self-conscious. She will be respectful and will help you learn how to practice within whatever limits you currently have. Namaste.

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If you have a chance to take class with Tara, do it!


Tara brings unique professional and personal experience to her teaching practice. I'm always amazed at her ability to integrate various levels of physical mobility into one classroom. Her spiritual practice runs deep as does her knowledge of anatomy and alignment and you can feel it. Her adjustments are careful, considerate and always deepen poses. Her sequencing feels organic and smooth and prepares you incredibly well for more challenging postures. In some ways "evaluating" Tara as a teacher in different areas feels disingenuous because her teaching in and of itself is yogic--that is to say integrated between body, mind and spirit.

As somebody who has been practicing yoga for most of my life, I count myself lucky to have encountered her when I did. I always appreciate the space she created to follow my own breath and let me do what I had to do and feel what I had to feel in class.

Most importantly, Tara shows up fully as herself to teach--acknowledging her own humanity and making room for yours. It's a gift to practice with her.

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Tara is the best. Hands down.

Tara shaped my practice in ways I am still uncovering. I am a teacher, and although we were technically peers, whenever I took Tara's class I felt like I was being transported to a completely different world, and was in the hands of a true professional. She got me into many an arm balance, and it was in her classroom where I first balanced in a handstand for more than a brief moment. She is creative, intelligent, wise, kind, vulnerable, and accessible.


If only she didn't live on the other side of the world - I would take her class every. single. day.

I am still discovering bits of her knowledge and teachings passed on to me through her as I continue to teach my classes, and I am constantly, consistently grateful for having been her student.

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Focus on body awareness

The sliding scale from 'body focused' to 'very spiritual' was hard to answer for Tara's classes because the focus is very much the body but I haven't found any other classes which enable me to go quite so inward. I always learn something new and develop some kind of new awareness of how my own body connects. The intense concentration this requires always leaves me feeling so in touch with myself that each class is like it's own mini therapy.

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The Best

Tara, simply put, is one of the best teachers I've ever had the chance to practice with when we were lucky enough to have her in New York City. Her classes are stealthily challenging, extremely thoughtful and very unique. New York City's loss is Thailand's gain. If you have the chance to study with her, do yourself the favor and go.

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Simply fabulous, enjoy!

Tara shares an incredible mix of alignment based and heart-centered practice that leaves you fully embodied and clear. She is continuously deepening her knowledge and understanding of the somatic experience to offer you unwavering presence and detailed awareness.

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Just Go

I have practiced yoga for years now, at studios in New York, Woodstock, Grand Rapids, Capitola, Omaha, and many other cities. Tara remains the best teacher I've ever had, not only because of how much I learned from her but also because of her beautiful spirit. Her classes are challenging but safe, invigorating and fun. I would follow Tara anywhere.

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From self to self

If you are in Chiang Mai - don't miss Tara's classes! Put simply, she cares about you - and teaches from her heart. Her teaching & approach hugely influenced my practice, and I feel honoured to have learned to much in such a short period of time with her.
No mindless stuff, unnecessary circus tricks, or Willy Wonka talks - a beautiful focus on intention to anchor you to what really matters in your life - this moment. Anatomical cues that blow your mind in asana practice & a practice which encourages observation for self-growth.

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Tara gets it.

Tara taught for a number of years at my yoga/dance studio in Brooklyn. She brought together a diverse collection of neighbors and created a warm, nourishing community, hooked by a personality that is uncomplicated and a practice that is complex in the depth of its commitment and care. She sees through what doesn't matter and does not hesitate to get straight to the point.

While her presence is hard to put into words (I'm sure it's a different experience for each individual --- she meets you where you are and takes you places you hadn't considered), her absence among us here in Brooklyn leaves a unified longing.

Enjoy her and her teachings while you can!

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Tara is an excellent teacher. Nothing "hippy-dippy" here. She knows her shit and she is watching out for us. Both extremely knowledgeable and rigorous about alignment, she offers an extraordinary mental-spiritual-physical work out. She has been a mentor in and out of the yoga studio. A yogi. A devoted yogi, nothing pretentious or inaccessible or complicated about it.

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Body Focused AND Spiritual

The title of my review refers to the fact that I do indeed, think a person (teacher) can be body focused and spiritual. Tara is the embodiment of this fact. Tara has a strong and sincere working knowledge of the body and the myriad ways we (her students) use and at times abuse our bodies. And she is aware of the reasons behind that use (emotional, spiritual reasons). Because of this she provides her students with the skills to work on their body and their habits in a way that will be useful for each individual body with it's unique history and patterns. Tara is also very funny and courageous; two qualities that make for great leadership.

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Amazing Teacher

I studied with Tara in New York City, and always loved to be guided by her physical instruction and yogic philosophy. I speak from personal experience when I say that Tara will help you become stronger in your practice. She is an inspiring teacher. Looking forward to taking her class again!!

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One of my favorite teachers and mentors

Tara is absolutely amazing as a teacher and a Thai massage therapist. Her classes are unpredictable, fun and always made me feel happy and weightless. One of my favorite things about taking classes with Tara is that she always made me feel like I was capable of doing anything. Every element of her classes was planned with precision, nothing was out of place. She is a gift to this world and I was truly privileged to have worked with her. I have yet to find a teacher in NYC that can fill her shoes.

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Wonderful teacher

Tara is the best. I used to attend her group classes in NYC and she was my favorite teacher. I started seeing her for privates and Thai yoga massage and she transformed my practice.

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Teach My Eyes to See

Tara is an excellent yoga teacher. She pairs the authority of her many years of training and experience with an innate ability to craft movement that takes the body and spirit into the fullness of the practice. Her sequencing is seamless and allows you to experience the trueness of the poses, appropriate for your own body type and situation. Her adjustments are a divine rite. Hire her!

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I've taken yoga since 2002, and I've never worked with anyone with this level of skill. She helped me increase mobility in my arms and neck. After working with Tara (pronounced "Terra.") she taught many poses I had never seen before and felt amazing to my body. She had a depth of knowledge of anatomy that I've never witnessed a yoga teacher having. She was able to explain what the body mechanics are in great detail and make adjustments to make sure I was not injured by some of the more challenging poses. It goes without saying that I highly recommend her.

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A beautiful soul!

Tara started off as my yoga teacher, I practiced with her at Wild Rose Chiangmai for the first time. After first time, it was like I had to have more of that honey flow. I invited Tara over to BAnglo, to do a workshop for my friends - they love her too. From a yoga teacher to a good friend, I really adore this chick and as a yoga teacher myself, I find her to be one of the most professional teachers I've had the opportunity to practice with.

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Not your average yoga teacher...

Taking Tara's classes was a huge part of my life during the time I lived close enough to attend. She taught me so much about how both my body and my mind function, and how to notice and then gently move away from my regular harmful patterns. Tara's energy and knowledge are a huge part of what makes her classes so special.

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Excellent, Mindful, Body-Aware Teacher

I've been practicing yoga with Tara for many years. She is refreshingly body conscious in that she understands not only the physical capabilities of the human body, but the limits as well. She teaches what I consider to be body-conscious yoga...a beautiful practice that fully immerses the physicality of yoga, while being vigilant about the delicacy of the joints, muscles, and facia of the body. She does not teach a "power" style yoga. She teaches a yoga that benefits and complements the body's natural abilities and enables people to open up their physical capacity to what is challenging, yet satisfying and safe at the same time. Tara's body awareness is reflected is every pose and sequence that makes its way into her classes.