Tara Gyorfy

Cranford, NJ
United States

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Tara, a type A Jersey girl working in NY, had chronic tension in her shoulders and a lot of stress in her hips. The first time she felt relief was after she stepped into the 107 degree space of a Bikram studio. It was her first yoga class and she was hooked. 13 years after that first class Tara has practiced a variety of different styles of yoga in many different studios. Believing yoga to be a component of the fountain of youth Tara was not only practicing in class, she began incorporating poses into her daily life. She is one to advocate doing pigeon while watching TV and Tree while stirring the sauce for spaghetti. Through postures, flow and breathing techniques Tara intention is to create an arc of stimulation to calm. Her intention is to develop sequences to aid her students to move pass the harried hectic mind to one of stillness.


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