Tara McGuire

Gresham, OR
United States

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As the studio owner, my love and passion for the practice is my driving force. For more than 15 years now, yoga has been the discipline that has molded, guided and carried me. From physical challenges to pregnancy to mothering as well as the common life stresses that one faces, yoga has been there as my teacher, my comforter, and my medicine. Since early 2007, I have been instructing yoga, and been greatly blessed with enthusiastic students who enjoy yoga. My passion for helping people to learn and grow as they better themselves is a part of my home-schooling to business ownership, to being an author and especially, in teaching yoga. I am blessed as much as my students as we learn and grow together in a supportive and personalized approach to creating balance in our bodies, minds, and spirits through yoga. In the studio, whether it is a yoga private or a packed room, I bring a deep knowledge and appreciation for anatomy and body mechanics into a mind-body experience. I enjoy taking the beginner with limitations and their neighbor who is advanced through the same thoughtful but appropriate practice. With yoga, it isn't difficult to have your students walking out with a 'yoga glow', but I aim for more. It is my aim to ensure that not only do I give my student/s a safe and well sequenced practice, but that they leave knowing more than they did when they arrived. I am a Teacher and am driven to not to just Give yoga, but help my students Learn yoga. That is my passion and what moves me in the studio space.


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