Tara Messier

Encinitas, CA
United States

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I only teach private lesions at this time at my rooftop studio. I will be leading tours to the Ashrams of Paramahansa Yogananda in 2016. Tours start at 2500 per week and we actually stay in lovely hotels. But you can option the ashrams. Jai Guru! Jai Ma

My yoga path started at 17 in Miami Beach at the Saraswati Maha Shakti kundalini yoga ashram. I taught Kundalini yoga for 12 years. AI have Paramahansa Yogananda as my Guru. I worked at Haute Yoga in Solana Beach 2008-2010. What rocking amazing studio that was. Rest in peace Dino.
In the fall of that year I went to India again for the Shivananda TTC in Netal Himalayas. Near Gangotri Chardam ( very holy place). For classical yoga it's Shivananda all the way.
I lead private India sojourns with my Tour
I reside in my rooftop art studio abode in Encinitas. I have a challenging Sadahana. Life is really good.


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