Tara Napoli

Pasadena, CA
United States

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Tara Napoli has been doing yoga since she was a child. She first learned how to chant, meditate, and visualize from her mom. She specializes in bhakti yoga (of the heart and service), and teaches Power Yoga, BUTI Fitness (by Bizzie Gold), and Restorative Yoga. She is also a Reiki healer, Singer/Songwriter, and Kirtan Artist. She has been an avid yogini for over ten years and has had the honor to learn from some of the best Yogi's in Southern CA. Her teachers and inspiration have come from Bryan Kest from Power Yoga in Santa Monica, CA, Govindas from Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, CA, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Amma (,) Wah!, and many more. She loves to get first-timers hooked on yoga, as well as to encourage the continuing student to grow within their practice.

In her youth, she was the number one gymnast in the State of California. After a bad fall, requiring major reconstructive knee surgery, she turned to yoga and was amazed at how quickly she was able to get back to her love of sports. In college, she competed in spring-board diving. After college, she entered the world of film stunts and film stunt coordination. Eventually, Tara's passion turned to helping people re-connect to their body, mind, and soul through the practice and teaching of yoga.

Tara helps her students find their way to their body's awareness through breath and intention. She believes that the true teacher lives within each your body, mind, and soul. Learning to listen to and go follow your internal guidance creates an authentic practice. Tara supports the space for her students to discover what lies beneath the surface of each breath. Her classes are inspiring and intense, and the reward is an overall feeling of balance, strength and flexibility. Students often leave Tara's classes feeling as though they have come home to their bodies, unleashing their creative energies!


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